Build Room Under a Deck? (What You Need to Know)

If you are interested in building and construction, you may see the need to fully maximize any available space, especially the space under the deck. Similarly, you may be concerned with the space going to waste, so you need ideas on making it work. So, what do you do if you want to build a room under a deck?

So, can you build a room under a deck? With a raised deck, space can easily be maximized by building a room under the deck. This room can be used for storage, as patio space, as a sunroom, a skirting area, a playroom, or even a relaxation room like a bathtub or a sauna or steam room.

Building a room under the deck is a brilliant way to gain more space and with the right tips and tools, the space created under deck could easily become a favorite room of the house. There are so many ideas that you can play around with if you wish to build a room under the deck.

It is possible to build a functional room and space under your deck. Whether it is a personal project or bringing in experts, you are sure to make the most out of this space. However, before you start the process, there are certain factors that you need to consider. First, consider your deck’s appearance and size; this will guide you in deciding how best to utilize it.

Also, consider what you want to achieve from that deck and who can benefit from it. For instance, is it for the children, your relaxation, storage, or for entertainment? This way, you will know what to do next.

Most importantly, it would be best if you dealt with typical deck-construction challenges such as drainage, access, and utility runs. Will you manage to keep it dry all year? If not, it can get damp, and this moisture may destroy the wood or attract bacteria and life forms.

Once you address these issues, you can go ahead and start the design and construction process. You can go ahead and build the space of your dreams, whether an entertaining patio or a storage room. Remember, the essence is not only to utilize space but also to give it a homey feel and make it functional. Let’s take a look at some favorite ideas you can use for this space.

To get you started making the most of the unused space under your deck, we give you the necessary tips. We have assorted the best ideas and we will inform you how and why they are brilliant for your under-deck.

Storage Space

Suppose you don’t want to go the conventional way of storing your things in the garage or your backyard, then a great idea for the under-deck would be for storage. This space is ideal for keeping furniture and tools that you don’t frequently use. You can also use it to store the kid’s toys, from bicycles to balls. However, the amount of storage available depends on how big it is. It will only hold as much as its size. Secondly, consider the dimensions of the space. This will help decide the size of the doors, and drawers you need to put up. To make the storage space more secure, you can lock it up or have large sliding drawers.

The key to making this work is to be sure of what you want out of that space; therefore, consider what items you need to store in the space and whether it is a convenient environment. Think about the weather and the nature of the space first before you decide. To be sure, you can call in an expert to help you with your decision.

A Patio

With a patio, you can have a concrete patio using pavers or flagstones. If your pavement is quite raised (at about seven feet), it will be adequate for a patio. Even if the headroom is not sufficient, you can still dig some extra space from the ground using a small excavator. Similarly, consider whether you can easily light up this space since a patio is generally a relaxation area.

Next, you need to pick some great furniture to spruce up the place; this will depend on your style and budget. With this, it will be a favorite leisure place for you while at home. Besides, you can also add any other item you need depending on the area’s functionality.

If you wish to make it a private place, you can add screens or consider skirting. The key is to make the room cozy and treat it as an expanded space at home; this way, it can be your backyard oasis.

A Sunroom

Suppose your ideal relaxation is a closed area for you to sunbathe or sit in a private and quiet place; a sunroom would do. By enclosing the space under the deck with some well-designed walls and windows, you get a beautiful room and your much needed heated space.

Here, you can play around with ideas for the perfect sunroom by adding your favorite furniture and items. This idea works if the space is low with little air circulation since it may not work for entertaining or fire lighting.

Lattice and Skirting

A lattice is an artistic creation that can easily work for your backyard. Not only does it enhance privacy, but it also allows for proper air circulation in and around the area. This keeps off the buildup of dampness and lifts the space’s face.

You will particularly find this design effective for your space instead of the conventional walls; you get art and aesthetics, all in one. To make it even better, you can add climbing plants as decoration. Going in this direction also adds character and functionality to the area.

Similarly, you can go for skirting, which has smaller openings than the lattice. Therefore, it enhances privacy and appears more durable than the latticework. It would help to have the right materials that also complement the look you are going for. You can also add plants and flowers to make it better. These options are perfect for a semi-private feel and to keep the area under the deck dry. Besides, apart from a relaxation area, you can still have space for storage and entertainment.

A Kids’ Playground

It is common to have kids’ toys lying around the living room and bedrooms, so what better way to tidy up than by taking the fun to another room. You can easily convert the space into a kids’ paradise and have storage space for their toys. You can also add swings, a trapeze, or a sandbox, perfect for their little play dates.

For this, you need to keep the place dry to avoid messes and accidents. This area is also ideal for a playground since it is away from the sun, so you need not worry about sunburns. This way, the kids get to play in a safe and conducive environment. A plus side to this is that you get the kids to play outside and no more toys lying around!

Shower, Hot tub or Sauna?

One great way to utilize the space is by building a room for your relaxation, especially after a long day. It would be an excellent spot for an outdoor shower or a private hot tub. It is ideal because the area is shaded and private, so you need not worry about any interruptions. Besides, you can grow your favorite plants and have scented candles for the ultimate ambiance.


Every homeowner or building expert wishes to utilize every space within the house. You may notice that you have a raised deck, but there’s nothing but space under it. So, what can you do about it? By brainstorming, you may easily find a function for that space. You can make a beautiful, cozy room out of a previously neglected area with the right idea.

Using this space also lifts your home’s face, adding elegance and functionality. Similarly, it makes the house look larger, and indeed it is since you can create another room as the house’s extension. So go ahead and play around with these ideas. We assure you that you will love the result.

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