Deck Posts Need To Be Anchored (Checked Out)

A deck is an extended feature in a house used in various ways, from being part of the garden landscape to an extension of the house’s living area. A good deck should be strong, safe, and long-lasting. A safe, durable deck needs proper footings and solid framing.

So, do deck posts need to be anchored? It is important to anchor deck posts. They act as the deck’s foundation; hence, they will be carrying weight for a long time. The deck will have to carry the weight of furniture and people, along with also being exposed to natural elements. Therefore, proper anchoring is a must-have requirement. There are different types of fastening for the deck posts to ensure that they can sustain a lot of weight.

A lot of people would love to have a deck at their home. If it is a simple deck design, you can build it yourself over the weekend; if it is a complicated design, it is best to hire a professional deck builder. It is important to anchor the deck posts. The deck will be supporting a lot of weight after its construction is complete. Many people use the deck as an extension of the living area; they will put some furniture on it like tables and chairs.

When you have parties at your house, some of your guests will be standing on the deck; hence, it is important to anchor the deck posts. Anchoring the deck posts ensures your safety and those of your guests anytime you use your deck.

The deck needs to be strong enough to support weight and resist lateral weight and uplift loads. Lateral weights are impacted from the side, for example, knocking the deck posts from the side by a motorcycle or riding a lawnmower. Uplifts load is the impact from natural elements such as wind; if your deck has a roof, proper anchoring will prevent the wind from uprooting the whole deck.

For the best method of anchoring deck posts, you should start by digging holes six inches deeper than your area’s frost line depth and wider than your concrete footer tubes. Ensure that the holes are the right depth and equal; uneven holes will compromise the entire deck’s integrity. Put the concrete footer tube in the hole and cut it slightly above the ground.

Mix the concrete correctly and fill the concrete tube halfway; you can use a stick or shovel to remove the concrete’s air pockets. Insert a J-bolt and fill up the rest of the space with concrete.

There are different types of concrete anchors; you can choose which type of fastener you will want for your deck posts. If you do not want to use J-bolts to fasten the deck posts, you can also use retrofits, cast-in-place post base, wedge anchors, among others.

After the concrete has dried, secure the brackets to the J-bolts with washers and nuts. Place the deck posts on the brackets firmly and secure them with nails or screws. You can now cut the deck posts to your desired height and start fitting the beams.

It is important to consult a professional or do some research before you start building your deck. If you are going to build the deck by yourself, you can talk to a professional deck builder for some deck building insights. They will advise on the types of deck that will be best for your house, the materials you should use, among other crucial things. You can also walk around the neighborhood, and you might see some deck designs from your neighbors that you might like. If a professional deck builder built one of them, you can get their contacts and hire them to start building your deck.

Getting the Best Deck for Your House

There are various types of decks that people build to suit their homes and personal preferences. You can choose some of the types of decks, including the wraparound deck, multi-tier deck, attached deck, detached deck, and rooftop deck. The type of your house, your yard’s size, budget, and use, will determine which type of deck you will build in your home.

If you want the best deck in the neighborhood, you will have to select the best material to build the deck. You will need a material that is beautiful and will last a long time. You should use treated wood for the deck posts to ensure that they last longer and cannot be affected by insects and weather. The finishing material also needs to be easy to maintain and long-lasting. Constant maintenance can be expensive and tiresome; select materials that will require little maintenance and are not expensive when it comes to repairs.

Select the correct size for your deck. A common recommendation from professional deck builders is that the deck should not exceed twenty percent of your house’s square footage. The deck should not take the attention away from the house because of its size.

If you want a bigger deck, then you should consider dividing it into several portions. You can have a deck of different sizes at various places around the house.

The view is also important when building a deck. Consider the view from the deck and also from inside the house. The deck should not be so big that it blocks the view from the house. If certain views from your house are better in some rooms than the others, you should consider having your deck in such rooms.

Careful selection of beautiful viewpoints will ensure that you or your guests can walk onto the deck and enjoy the view.

The deck should also give enough space for other activities. The deck should not hinder activities that you used to enjoy before building the deck. After you put in some furniture and other common deck items, there should be enough room for foot traffic. You and your guests should be able to walk around without moving certain items away or knocking items off the table.

You should consult a professional and also do some research on deck building. Several websites showcase free deck designs that you can use. A professional deck builder can also show you what kind of deck you should have for your house. They can advise you on the material you should use for your deck.

It is also important to ensure that the material you want for your deck and environment-friendly materials. You can select pressure-treated wood and composite deck material. The design should also be eco-friendly; it should not disturb nature or lead to the loss of several trees around your house. You should also use cleaning materials that do not harm the environment when maintaining the deck.

Final Word

A deck is a beautiful feature for a house, and many people construct different types of decks for their houses. The deck needs to be strong to sustain weight and other natural elements; hence, anchoring the deck posts. The most common anchoring method is pouring concrete on the grounds and fastening the concrete deck posts.

Before you build a deck, you will need to consider several things such as type of deck, material, costs, among others. The best deck is the one that complements your house rather than taking the attention from it. You can do some research on deckbuilding or consult with a professional deck builder and pick which deck you want for your house.

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