What’s Better Decking or Paving? (Checked Out)

Decking is building a structure above the ground as an extension of the house while paving is the construction of an exterior floor connecting the house to the yard or garden. As a homeowner, you may want to improve your home and are unsure whether to build a deck or construct a pavement. Here is what you need to know about decking and paving.

So, what’s better, decking or paving? The best option between decking or paving depends on several things including the design of the house, the cost of material, practicability to maintenance costs. These things will influence whether a deck or a paving is chosen. A paved garden may work nicely for some people, but the terrain around other people’s houses may require them to build a deck.

When making improvements around your home, you might research and see pictures of decks and pavements and find it difficult to pick one. If the space is small, and you cannot have both, you’ll need to pick one between the two.

Let’s assume you are looking at pictures of decks and paved gardens. On the one hand, the deck with furniture looks stunning, and on the other, the paved courtyard with the potted plants looks amazing. Since you cannot have both, you have to decide to choose one of them. There are several things you should consider before choosing decking or paving.

The first one is the use of the new structure. If you want to extend the living spaces of your house, then you can build a deck. If you want a courtyard with a basketball court or badminton court, paving is the best choice. If you like to sit and enjoy the sunset, a deck is the best option. If you like to exercise and play games, then paving is your best option.

Maintenance is another issue to consider before choosing decking or paving. It is easy to build a structure but maintaining it may be difficult. If you choose the correct material, a paved courtyard is the easiest structure to maintain.

It does not need improvements very often, and it is easy to clean. A deck’s maintenance depends on the material; if you use wood to build your deck, you will have to do maintenance once or twice a year. Paving is the best choice if you are looking for a low maintenance design.

The cost of construction can also influence your decision to pick decking or paving. Decking materials are more affordable compared to paving materials. The construction of a deck does not require an even ground; hence, no extra costs in preparing the ground.

Paving materials are expensive, and you will have to prepare the ground beforehand to make it even. If you are considering the costs of construction, decking is the best choice.

Another issue to consider is getting permits for decking or paving. Most residential authorities have specific rules and regulations regarding the building of decks and paving. Your residential association might also have guidelines on home improvements. Getting the permits might require you to do more research on your property, under certain conditions.

However, paving does not have many conditions; you may only answer questions regarding water runoff. To get a decking permit, you will have to answer several questions regarding its size, height, and builder’s license, among others. If you do not want the hustle of waiting too long to get a permit, paving is the best choice for you.

The type of house you own will also influence whether you will have a deck or a pavement. Not all houses will look better with a deck, and not all houses will look better with a paved courtyard.

Look around your neighborhood and see what your neighbors with the same type of house are doing with their space. You can also get some professional advice on what type of home improvement would fit your house. Do not get a deck or courtyard because it looked good in a magazine.

Pros and Cons of Decking and Paving

The decision of decking or paving depends on the above-mentioned factors. Each option has its own merits and demerits.

The Pros of Decking

It is very easy to build a deck. You do not require formal education in deck building to install a deck. You can follow the simple step on numerous websites that show how to build a deck. It also does not take long to build one; hence, you will be using your new deck within days. The material for constructing a deck is also affordable.

The terrain around your house does not matter; a deck can be installed on any ground. As long as the deck posts are anchored properly, the ground beneath the deck does not need to be level. Therefore, you do not need to level the ground to make the deck strong. However, if you will leave the lower part of the deck open, you should level the ground for aesthetic purposes.

The Cons of Decking

A deck requires constant maintenance to look great. The deck also takes up a lot of space around the house, which is limiting, as it keeps you from using that space.

The Pros of Paving

A paved courtyard requires little maintenance. After laying down the concrete or asphalt, all you have to do after it has dried is clean it. You can repair or change a few things in a few years, depending on how frequently you use it. Paving can also withstand heavy loads, large foot traffic, and it’s rarely damaged by natural elements like rain or wind.

Paving gives you artistic freedom, as you can choose the style or shape of the surface you want for your courtyard. You can also choose various materials to suit your preference, like natural stones, asphalt, blocks, and concrete. You can also use the pavement for numerous things like the garden, patio, exercise zone, among many others.

The Cons of Paving

Paving requires thorough preparation of the ground before laying down the concrete. The ground has to be flat and even to make the paving perfect, which may take some time. Paving can be costly if you choose certain materials such as natural stones, which are very expensive.

You might require the help of a professional when paving. Drainage systems may be required to ensure the surface does not retain too much water increasing your costs. The paving also requires good attention to detail during construction, or else, the blocks may move, and gaps may appear, making the paved courtyard look unkempt.


Deciding on whether to have a deck or a paved courtyard can be difficult. There are several things you should consider to help you decide whether to deck or pave. When doing your research, go through them, and they will make it easy for you to find the best option.

Also, there are several pros and cons of decking and paving. Most of them revolve around costs of maintenance and costs of construction. A deck might be cheap to construct, but it will require maintenance to ensure the wood remains straight and strong. Paving might have a low cost of construction, but its construction costs might go up because of other unwanted costs such as the installation of a drainage system.

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