Paint, Stain Vinyl Tiles? (Changing Tile Color Tips)

The color of the floor adds to the house’s uniqueness, making it an important consideration for anyone choosing a flooring material. Different floor materials come in different colors. Vinyl tile flooring comes in different colors and textures, making it easier to choose the type of color and texture that will go well with your preferred aesthetic.

So, can you paint and stain vinyl tile flooring? Most luxury vinyl tiles and planks can be changed in color when replacement is not an option by painting but does require special preparation before any painting can be done. The vinyl tile floor will need to be sanded down and a liquid deglosser applied, to allow the paint to bond with the flooring, otherwise the paint finish will not look even when it dries.

As vinyl tile flooring is made from plastic, which is quite slippery, this makes it difficult for any paint to stick to it and also makes the paint take much longer to dry. This is why a lot of preparation work is required to ensure the flooring tiles and planks can take the paint evenly, ensuring uniform drying and a better look.

After using the vinyl tile flooring for a long time, the original color will start to fade, especially in areas that get direct sunlight or heavy foot traffic. When the vinyl tile flooring starts to fade, there are different options for making the floor look good as new. Ideally, replacing the flooring tile and planks is the better option than trying to paint the tiles

By purchasing a few tiles or planks of vinyl tile flooring, it makes sense to take them to the room you want to install to and have them acclimatize with the room’s temperature. After spreading the vinyl tile tiles or planks across the floor, you might notice that the tiles do not look good in that room. In such cases, you can simply communicate with the supplier you bought the tiles from and request a replacement of a different color you feel is best for your house.

As vinyl tile flooring lasts very long; hence, it will take a long time before you need to think about painting it a different color or replacing it with new flooring. If you select the perfect color at the start by sampling the colors and options available, then along with professional installation and proper maintenance, it will not be necessary to change the flooring for a long time.

Luxury vinyl flooring tile brands like Karndean, Amtico, Mannington, Armstrong, Shaw to Burke Flooring provide a large range of quality vinyl tiles for any setting. Take your time when deciding what flooring designs are best for your home, also do your research and see what colors fit your house. There is little chance that you will pick a color that you will not like a week after installing the vinyl tiles.

Can you paint vinyl tile flooring?

You can paint your vinyl tile flooring with a different color if you feel the original color has lost its beauty. Vinyl tile flooring can start to fade, especially older flooring and flooring in areas of direct sunlight. Painting them a new color is always an option but does require a lot of preparation work to ensure any paint applied sticks to the flooring and dries evenly. Using a deglosser after sanding the flooring can help make the paint stick better when applied to the flooring.

Painting a vinyl tile floor is not an easy task. Vinyl tile flooring is made from plastic, and it is a slippery surface; hence, it will require some preparation before you paint it. It will also take longer to dry compared to other surfaces; therefore, you will not be able to use that room for a long time until the paint dries up.

Vinyl tile flooring comes in a variety of colors for homeowners to choose and in the last couple of years the durability specially to fading has improved dramatically, compared to really old vinyl tile flooring. This makes it less likely the flooring will need to be replaced or painted as areas will be less likely to fade, especially when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight.

Replacing flooring vs Painting

After some time, the color of the vinyl tiles will start to fade due to foot traffic, sunlight, multiple cleanings, among others. Replacing vinyl tile flooring makes more sense than painting except when budget constraints make if difficult for all of the flooring to be replaced, large areas to be replaced.

You can remove the faded vinyl tile flooring and replace it with a new vinyl tile flooring with a different color or even replace it with the same color to keep the flooring consistent with the rest of the room or the house.

When replacing the old vinyl tiles with new vinyl tiles of a different color, it may make sense to replace all the tiles or planks in the same room. This will keep the consistency of the color throughout the room. If this is not possible because of the expense of new flooring, then painting will also need to follow the same course, with the whole room’s flooring requiring painting, again to keep consistency.

Can you stain vinyl tile flooring?

It is not easy to stain vinyl tile flooring because it does not absorb any liquids. If you spill any liquid on a vinyl tile, it will stay on top for a long time without getting absorbed. Liquids that can stain other flooring materials like wood and carpet will not stain vinyl tile flooring.

It is also very easy to clean vinyl tile flooring; if you spill a liquid on it, you only have to wipe it quickly, and no stain will be left behind. If you drop a glass of wine on the vinyl tiles, all you have to do is wipe it quickly, and the tile will remain spotless. When you wait a long time to clean it, the liquid might leave a stain behind.

However, vinyl tile flooring is not stain proof. Some liquids will cause a stain if not cleaned immediately, for example, solvent-based liquids, red wine, and some spices when they contact the vinyl tile flooring. You can use vinyl tile approved cleaning supplies to remove and refresh the look of the tiles.

To avoid stains on your vinyl tile floor, make sure you clean it regularly. If you have guests around, make sure you clean it after they leave. It is also recommended that you remove stains using vinyl tile Remove and Refresh after every twelve to eighteen months.

You can also use other floor cleaning products to keep your floor stainless and remove germs on the surface. Always clean your floor; regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your foot stays beautiful for a long time.


Changing the color of your vinyl tile is always an option if you get tired of the same color or the tiles begin to fade. You can repaint the tiles, or you can remove the flooring and replace it with a different color that you like. Vinyl tile flooring come in many colors. Therefore, you have numerous colors to choose from when you visit the hardware store.

You can paint vinyl tile flooring, but it does take good preparation for the new color to sparkle. Painting vinyl tile flooring should be the last option; make sure you maintain the floor and polish it once in a while. Taking good care of the vinyl tiles will ensure that the flooring lasts long, it does not stain, and it does not fade.

Vinyl tile flooring is a durable material that will last long when you take good care of it. If you maintain your flooring properly, you will not paint it because the original paint will still be there. When you select a particular color, you should know that the tiles will stay with you for a long time; hence you should choose a color that you will be happy with for many years.

Vinyl tile comes in different colors, giving you a variety of colors from which you can choose. Vinyl tile flooring mimics the appearance of wood, and it does it well in capturing the different colors of wood flooring available. All you have to do is look at the available selections and choose the color you feel would look good in the room or house you want to install the flooring.

You can change the color of vinyl tile flooring if you want to, but it is not necessary. There is no need to purchase one color of vinyl tile flooring and change it later. There are so many options available, allowing you to consider all your options before you make the decision.

In case the options become overwhelming, you can consult a qualified installer to help ease the pressure of the decision. There are also several options for changing the color of your vinyl tile flooring.

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