Scratch & Scuff Vinyl Tile Floor Repair (Deep Damage Tips)

With improvements in technology, the flooring industry aims to make your floor attractive, durable, and cost-effective in terms of initial expenses and maintenance. For luxurious vinyl flooring products, many people think vinyl tiles. Given the many advantages of this flooring system, we want to determine whether It can withstand scratching from objects or pets.

So, does vinyl tile flooring scratch? As a general rule, vinyl tile flooring is resistant to minor scratches in everyday general use due to a guard protection layer on the surface. The guard protective layer makes vinyl tile flooring capable of withstanding wear and tear in heavily used areas like the kitchen, hallways to dining areas. However, deep scratches can still occur from sharp objects or from dragging heavy objects like furniture across the vinyl tiles.

Cheaper vinyl tiles may not have a quality protective guard layer and therefore could scratch a lot more easily. Higher quality vinyl tiles will generally have a guard protection layer that will help provide protection against minor scratches. It’s always best to check when buying vinyl tiles as to level of protection provided by the finishing layer.

There are various flooring materials in the market that might be cheaper than vinyl tile flooring but not as long-lasting. Vinyl tile flooring may come with premium costs but will serve all your needs.

In extreme circumstances, vinyl tile flooring like all other types of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring can succumb to very sharp or heavy objects, ending up being scratched. To avoid scratches that will interfere with the floor’s look, it is best to take relevant precautions like taking care dragging heavy objects, ensuring children playing on the floor don’t use the sharp edges of their toys to scratch the flooring. Such measures will prolong the floors lifespan and maintain its exquisite appearance.

Another great feature of the vinyl tile flooring is that it is resistant to stains, scuff marks, and most minor scratches, thanks to its protective layer made of K-Guard, which uses PU technology.

This feature makes the vinyl tile flooring long-lasting and low maintenance despite regular activities on the floor. The technology also improves vinyl tile flooring’s quality and longevity, making this flooring system a leading product in the luxury vinyl tile industry for many years.

Every other LVT cannot withstand intense scratches, and that is synonymous with vinyl tiles. It is not susceptible to scratching, and customers rarely complain about it. However, if the scratches occur, they may be light and minor, and most times, they are not noticeable. If you encounter such unpleasant scratches, there are recommended vinyl tile remove products that can easily clear the marks and restore your tiles.

Like any other Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) and LVT flooring materials, vinyl tile flooring also has some drawbacks. The vinyl tiles are difficult to remove from the floor without particular solutions because the layering solution is a strong adhesive. Due to the tile’s unique designs, you need to hire an expert for better results. Despite all the downsides, vinyl tile flooring materials are still popular for floor carpeting.

Can dogs scratch vinyl tile flooring?

Vinyl tile flooring materials are not susceptible to scratching by dogs. Their materials are known for their durability since they have a K-Guard protection layer on the surface that protects them from scratches and enhances durability. This protective layer makes vinyl tile flooring pet-friendly. It also enables it to withstand a high traffic area such as the dining area, living room, and even the kitchen.

However, due to dogs’ destructive nature on floors, we advise that you always keep your dog’s nails trimmed because very sharp dog nails may cause light scratches and interfere with your floor’s shiny look. These are minor issues that shouldn’t bother you since, with the use of vinyl tile flooring clean, you can easily deal with such light scratches and maintain the attractive look of your vinyl tile floor.

How do you get scuff marks off vinyl tile flooring?

Marks may appear on your vinyl tile floor due to rubbing by moving furniture and shoe soles. To remove these scuff marks, you cannot use any ordinary cleaning agents since it can cause further damages to the material.

There are vinyl tile remove cleaning products that can help you bring back your floor’s previous natural attractive look. Manufacturing the detergent vinyl tile clean was necessary to make it easy to clean the vinyl tile design flooring because other un-customized cleaning products proved to be ineffective.

To remove the scratch marks, make a solution of vinyl tile remove with water as directed by the manufacturer, and using a cloth or mop that is non-abrasive, carefully rub to wipe off the scuff marks. Next, rinse the spot that had the marks with clean fresh water, and after a thorough cleaning, you may reapply the vinyl tile refresh product for a final touch to completely remove the scuff marks.

Suppose you cannot access the personalized vinyl tile clean to remove the marks from your floor; there are alternatives. For minor scuffs, you can use an eraser or an ordinary rubber. You only need to rub the spot until the mark disappears and do it once more to be sure to clean the eraser particles since, without careful attention, the eraser particles can also cause more scuff marks.

Some companies manufacture magic erasers that are very effective, but you have to be careful since it may destroy some flooring materials’ color. To ascertain that it can work on your floor without making it fade, you can try the magic eraser on another less obvious floor patch inside the house. In case you notice any fading, it may not be a good idea to keep using it.

Additionally, you can also try other homemade hacks where you apply baking soda and regular toothpaste. Make a baking soda paste that is not very thick and does not dilute to flow. Make sure to use warm water. Scrub the spot using a soft wet cloth until the scuff mark disappears, then clean the dirt and finally rinse with clean water, and your floor will be as good as new.

On the other hand, using the toothpaste, you can apply it on a clean cloth and rub the scuff mark to remove it, then wipe using clean water and let it dry. However, we advise that you clean your vinyl tile floor using personalized cleaning agents like vinyl tile clean for better results to be on the safe side.

How to remove vinyl tile deep scratches?

It is easier to remove light scratches and scuffs; on the contrary, removing deep scratches from vinyl tile is quite tasking. The first procedure you can try is to apply the regular vinyl tile clean and see whether it works.

If there are no improvements, you can try other options like replacing the particular tile. With the use of vinyl tile LooseLay, you can easily remove and replace a vinyl tile plank without interfering with the adjacent tiles.

Similarly, you can use car wax and a clean cloth. Apply the wax on the scratch in a circular motion while being careful not to spill the wax on non affected planks. Remove extra wax as you work and be sure to give the floor a smooth and consistent finish that is unnoticeable. For a perfect finish, add a vinyl tile refresh for an attractive appearance and a fresh look on your floor.

However, prevention is the best option. Therefore, you need to find a way to avoid deep scratches on your floor. First, you can make sure to add a silicone floor protector below the feet of every movable piece of furniture, especially the dining chairs.

Doing this will enable your chairs to slide quietly; hence, protect the vinyl tile flooring. Similarly, using a large floor covering like a mat in your living and dining rooms will help guard your floor.

Remember that vinyl tile flooring comes with felt pads to protect your furniture from causing deep scratches on the floor. Therefore, with proper care and maintenance, it is possible that your vinyl tile flooring can serve you for decades without significant scratching.

The Final Word

So far, it is clear that vinyl tile flooring tiles are the best LVT choice if you need a floor that can last you for many years without scratches that can make it unsightly. In case there are scratches formed, you have a backup, which is vinyl tile clean, to renovate your floor and bring back its original sparkling look.

Also, irreparable deep scratches can easily be replaced without harming the neighboring planks. Finally, always ensure that your dog’s nails are short to avoid minor scratch marks on the floor and use recommended vinyl tile cleaning agents for proper removal of scuff marks.

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