Karndean Look Like Real Wood (Checked Out)

There are different types of flooring materials. Many people may prefer wood flooring but because of environmental concerns, they opt for an alternative to wood flooring. Karndean flooring is one of the alternatives to wood flooring.

So, does Karndean look like real wood? Karndean looks like real wood. At first glance, you might think the floor is made from wood but once you step on it, you will feel the difference. Karndean flooring is a great alternative to wood flooring, as it mimics the look of wood but has different properties. Karndean flooring is more comfortable for the feet, less noisy and can support a lot of foot traffic.

Due to environmental concerns, many people are looking for other alternatives to wood flooring. Karndean looks like real wood; hence, many people want Karndean flooring for their houses.

Karndean flooring mimics the look of real wood, so much that without touching it, you will think that it is wood. The big difference between Karndean and wood is that Karndean flooring lasts longer and requires less maintenance compared to wood flooring. Many will choose Karndean flooring because it gives them the visual appeal of wood flooring with the added advantage of a long lifespan and minimal maintenance.

The most common type of flooring is wood and concrete. Many people opt to have wood flooring, as it is beautiful and stylish. However, there are various environmental concerns about the use of wood as a material for making floors. The harvesting of trees for wood to make flooring materials harms the environment and many industries are looking for alternatives to wood. This is where Karndean flooring comes into play.

There are many designs of Karndean flooring that best mimic the appearance of wood. One of the most popular is known as the Da Vinci wood range, which is popular for its narrow and smooth finish.

There are twelve other designs under the Da Vinci wood, including classic oak look and aged driftwood look. The design is modern rustic, which looks like natural wood with soft texture. There are four designs under the modern rustic inspired by oak wood.

Karndean flooring is popular because it looks like wood but can be installed in many places. You can install Karndean flooring in bathrooms, conservatories, and kitchens, among others. The reason why Karndean flooring has a lot of practicality is that it is waterproof.

You cannot install wood flooring in areas that receive a lot of water on the floor’s surface. Wood absorbs a lot of water and if it’s not allowed to dry, it will start to rot. Sometimes, even if the wood is allowed to dry, it will start to warp and bend making the floor uneven. Karndean floors eliminate this trait since they don’t retain water and cannot warp making the floor even for a long time.

Mimicking the appearance of wood is not the only positive characteristic of Karndean. Karndean flooring is very cheap to install compared to wood flooring. The material is very cheap, but it gives your home a luxurious look; in fact, your guests might think the floor cost you a fortune to install.

Even though Karndean is made from plastic, it is still eco-friendly. It is a concern that the chemical emissions of some products are harmful to the environment. In the production of Karndean, there is very little emission of harmful chemicals to the environment. So, when you decide to save the environment by avoiding the use of wood to make your floor and opting for Karndean, you are still impacting the environment in a positive regard.

Benefits of a Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring has many benefits and advantages over similar products, including the higher priced alternatives like Amtico flooring, as well as lower cost alternatives.

1. Authentic wood appearance

The first benefit of a Karndean flooring is the authentic appearance of a wood flooring. A Karndean flooring mimics the details of a wood flooring and offers even more advantageous properties. It also removes the common disadvantages of wood flooring. If an unsuspecting eye looks at the floor, they will think it is a wood flooring, but they will note the difference once they step on it.

2. Low maintenance

Another benefit of a Karndean flooring is its low maintenance. Once you install it, you will use it for a long time without any maintenance. Karndean flooring does not require staining and sanding, all you have to do is install it and it’s ready for use. The only maintenance you will have to do is clean it when it gets dirty.

You just sweep or mop it and it looks good as new. A Karndean floor is also easy to repair, if your floor gets damaged you can easily replace the damaged tile or plank without replacing the entire floor.

3. Child friendly

A Karndean flooring is child friendly. If you have children, the Karndean floor is the best option when doing up your house. A Karndean flooring is safe for the children since there are no splinters and it has grip. Children can play on the floor without hurting themselves. The surface is also easy to clean; hence, you can clean up after your children with ease. It does not harbor dirt, grime, and dust.

4. Durability

A Karndean flooring can last a lifetime. If you use the Karndean floor properly it will outlast you. Once you install a Karndean floor, you will use it for a long time with less repairs and replacements compared to other flooring materials. Its quality guarantees that you will have durable flooring for a very long time.

5. Waterproof

Another benefit of Karndean flooring is that it is waterproof; you do not need to worry about water and other liquids ruining flooring. It is difficult for water to get in between the spaces of the individual planks or tiles. If you spill water or any liquid, you can simply wipe it and make it dry. Even if the water or liquid stays on it for a long time, it will not rot compared to wood flooring.

6. Wide range

One of the biggest selling points of any flooring material is usually its appearance. The first thing you will look for in a flooring material is how good it will look in your house. Karndean flooring looks good everywhere and it is affordable.

You can use it for commercial and domestic premises. The texture is good, and it is great for wet areas. You can install Karndean flooring in bathrooms and utility rooms. You do not need a lot of money to install a Karndean floor, it is much cheaper than wood and stone flooring.

Karndean flooring is the best option for rental properties. It is cheap meaning you can install them in a large house or numerous apartments without exceeding your budget. It is visually appealing; hence, you might get many tenants who love the look.

It is also strong and durable. It will last long without needing replacements. Importantly, tenants can come and go but you will not replace the floor every time a tenant leaves.

Final Word

Karndean is one of the best alternatives to wood flooring. You can buy and install Karndean flooring that looks exactly like wood and mimic some of the classic types of wood like oak wood. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, which are cheaper than their real counterpart materials.

Karndean flooring has some advantages over wood flooring like lasting longer, easy to maintain, cheap and waterproof among others. However, it also has its own disadvantages like it is complicated and hard to install compared to other alternatives of flooring materials and you also need a professional to install it, increasing your costs.

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