Light Flooring Make Room Look Bigger (Important Info)

Almost every homeowner wishes to have a big house or one that appears bigger. This notion is that with a bigger space comes more freedom to play around with designs and household pieces. You may wonder whether it is possible to make a room look larger using your flooring choice.

So, does light flooring make a room look bigger? When a light floor is used in a room, this can automatically create the illusion that the space is larger. The best option to ensure this is to use bright floors that are modern and allow plenty of light into the room. This way, airiness is added to the room, and with additional lighting, the space becomes more attractive, and made to look bigger than it is.

In case you want to make your cramped space look larger, there are so many tips to help you achieve this, especially in flooring matters. Here, we give you the relationship between light flooring and its ability to magnify your space.

The light floor has gained popularity among most buyers, given its ability to make a room look brighter and cozier. It is also an effective way to make the space look clean and bring out the room’s modern feel.

The manufacturers have diversified to provide various styles and shades for the buyer to select. In case you have darker or bolder finishes, then the light flooring will help you balance out the colors in your space.

There are many light tones to help spruce up your home. You can choose the oak variety, either pale or golden. It is naturally light and is perfect for anyone who values light-toned floors. On the other hand, you can choose a lighter shade like the stained alternative.

These floors are still natural-like but come in a stained variation. Typically, most manufacturers add a white pigmentation to the tiles or add another strain to change the color altogether, depending on specific customers’ needs.

If you are inclined to light floors, you may need to know its pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the reasons you need the light flooring system and some factors to be keen on.

1. Light Flooring Pros

Unlike the dark-colored alternative, the light floors make it easier for you to decorate your room and play around with your furniture choices. Besides, it is easy for you to pick your wall’s color and furniture styles with these floors since they are not as overwhelming as the darker shades.

Most designers will also confirm that the light shade effortlessly makes a room brighter since light bounces off them, giving an illusion of space. You also notice that it gets harder to hide dust or light-colored particles such as pet hair tufts if you have a dark floor. Therefore, the light-colored floor is the best alternative if you wish to cover up these messes.

Similarly, it is less tedious for you when vacuuming since the dirt does not appear overwhelming; they almost always look spotless. Moreover, if your floor is damaged, the light floor does a splendid job of hiding it, unlike a darker floor. Ideally, they are a brilliant idea for a calm environment such as the office or a nursery.

Given that most people consider the light-colored floor as more conventional, having it is a great idea for whoever values timelessness and for anyone who would want to resell the house in the future.

2. Light Flooring Cons

Light flooring is similar to a pale object; thus, it is prone to fading or appearing washed-out. If your floor fades out to an extreme extent, it can make your room look pale too. The aim is to have a light-colored floor but still lift a room’s face and make it look brighter, not dull.

On the other hand, if you have a naturally dark floor, you may find it difficult to make the floor a lighter shade. Lastly, when choosing a light floor shade, various strains are available, making it difficult to differentiate them when picking the perfect shade.

Does Light Flooring Make a Room Look Bigger?

You may pick the right floor type and style; however, you still need the right color to create the illusion that your room is bigger. It is easy for a light-colored floor to brighten up space and create the notion that it is larger than it already is.

When you install a brighter and mellow tone, you can make the room more modern and make it airier. The trick is to let in as much light as possible. During the day, the sun’s light bounces off the walls to magnify the space.

You can even add artificial light at night to make space look brighter; hence, bigger. If you choose a glossy surface, it is easy for light to reflect off it. Thus, there’s no better way to enlarge your room than by choosing a light-colored floor. Notably, this feature is why they are a brilliant idea for minimalistic homeowners and small townhouses and apartments.

Flooring Tips To Make a Snug Room Look Larger

Most people admit to wishing that a certain room in the house was larger. If you feel the same, we assure you that there are various ways you can make flooring work in your favor to expand your room without you having to break down any walls.

Given that the floor is probably the first thing people notice when they walk into a room, the best way to use it is to create optical illusions using your tiles’ textures and shades. So, how do you make flooring work for you?

1. Use of Diagonal Patterns

The diagonal shaped tile works efficiently for smaller spaces than the straight tiles; their pattern can easily extend the floor size to make any tiny room appear spacey. The trick is to align the tiles such that the wider part is the first thing people see when they enter a room.

This is an effective optical illusion for the brain to perceive the space larger than it is. You can use this trick for any flooring, carpet, tile, or marble.

2. Wider Planks and Bigger Tiles

Not only is this a pocket-friendly alternative than the use of thinner tiles/ planks, but it is also effective in making your room look bigger. If you have them smaller, the room may appear smaller and vise versa. Similarly, you may consider reducing the grout’s size; in fact, it should be a fine line but not entirely invisible.

3. Pattern Choice

When choosing a small room flooring system, it would be best to avoid one with busy patterns. These patterns create an illusion of the floor being too busy; therefore, space shrinks significantly.

The best choice is selecting tiles/ planks with big patterns and with a lot of bare space. Lastly, you may consider having a consistent color scheme for many rooms. This way, the room will look larger because it eases into another space. The eye will believe that space is larger.

Final Verdict

Your flooring color choice will heavily rely on your furniture and your overall needs. As much as you can’t make a room larger unless you break down the walls and expand them, you can still use the flooring tips we have provided to create the best optical illusions to expand the space.

The most important tip is to choose a light shade of planks or tiles, keep it clean and pair it with the right finishes. With the various designs and palettes to choose from, you can never go wrong with the light flooring. Go on and play around with the shade to make your snug space appear bigger.

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