Karndean Flooring Pros vs. Cons (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Over the years, Karndean flooring materials have been topping the flooring market in quality, affordability, and low maintenance. But just like any other product, this flooring system has its ups and downsides. We aim to find out about the good and bad to help you learn more about this flooring system.

So, does Karndean flooring have advantages and disadvantages? Karndean flooring advantages include being able to withstand harsh environments and still maintain its original shape. Karndean have provided timber-inspired products that give a natural wood-like feel whenever you step into a room for many years. On the other hand, Karndean flooring’s disadvantage is it is costly to install since a professional installer is required to lay the tiles due to their complex designs.

By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of Karndean flooring, you can make the right decision about what vinyl plank is best for you. In this article, we will slowly dissect the Karndean’s pros and cons. Therefore, read on for further insight into these leading luxury vinyl planks.

Karndean Flooring Pros

Let’s take a look at the pros of Karndean flooring and the advantages this type of flooring can offer.

1. Durable

Karndean flooring is a highly durable vinyl design flooring material made from limestone, pigments, and polyvinyl chloride. It has a five-layer system that includes a protective layer (PU), two PVC layers, one photographic layer, and lastly, a clear hard-wearing PVC layer.

Wondering what to apply on your rental floors? Karndean flooring material is a brilliant option due to its hard-wearing qualities. You will realize that most homeowners use them to reduce maintenance costs for their rented rooms; furthermore, it is a beautiful material that catches prospective customers’ eyes. Due to the floor’s easy to clean feature, your property will remain as good as new even after the tenants vacate.

2. Easy cleaning

Karndean flooring is effortless to clean and maintain since it doesn’t require sanding, oiling, or even staining to maintain its appearance. It can withstand regular movements and scuffs and doesn’t scratch easily, unlike ordinary vinyl or timber flooring.

3. Easy Repair

If there is great damage on the floor, you can easily replace the affected area with a new plank or tile that matches the adjacent ones; if you bring in a professional tiler, the change may go unnoticed.

4. Large Range

Karndean has so many options available. The wide range of shades and textures makes it beat the rest of the luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Most of its colors, designs, and textures are wood-inspired to give you the feel and look of natural timber. It is also possible to have Karndean tiles that are engineered and customized to suit your needs.

5. Non-slip

It is worth noting that Karndean flooring is non-slip, making the material usable even for slippery rooms like the bathroom. Additionally, the Karndean flooring planks are light-weight, making their installation easy and quick, for they also don’t need new under-floor preparations.

6. Moisture-proof

Karndean flooring is moisture-proof, unlike wood that can easily attract fungi when damp and simultaneously causes the flooring to rot. Besides, the Karndean flooring designs are easy to clean, making them friendly for children and pets to play on.

7. Scratch guard

Another plus is that the flooring material has a protective layer that guards it against scratches. So, with this floor, you won’t need to worry about scuff marks or getting scratches from minor scratching.

8. Bacterial protection

Karndean has a PU protective layer to make it non-porous. This property harbors bacteria buildup on the floor since otherwise, they can eat away the flooring.

9. Warming

Unlike stone and wood flooring, which can make your feet cold, you can heat your Karndean floor tiles to provide underfoot warmth. This is especially beneficial in households where there’s no underfloor heating.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Karndean flooring materials are more environmentally friendly than any other luxurious vinyl plank materials available in the market. After some customer complaints on how the material is difficult to dispose of and the fear of toxic emissions, the Karndean flooring company has taken the pleas into account to re-engineer a fully environment-friendly product.

Thus, all the manufacturing companies have achieved the quality standards set by the relevant environmental institutes.

11. Versatility

Karndean flooring materials are versatile, and you can lay them in every room in your house, whether the kitchen, bathroom, or even on the stairs. All this is thanks to its thin nature that enables it to fit anywhere and its durability, making it perfect for high traffic places like the stair cases.

Compared to stone flooring, the Karndean option is unlikely to cause serious damage during accident instances and is not severely damaged when something falls on it.

Karndean flooring Cons

Most Karndean customers are happy clients due to fewer floor fading reports, dents, and scuffs on the floor’s surface. Given that some vinyl floors have such complaints, there are also present among the Karndean floor users; however, they are rare.

You may notice problems with Karndean flooring only at extreme levels. For instance, when you scrub it using a very sharp object, you may cause serious scratches on the tiles. Let’s take a look at the cons of Karndean flooring and the disadvantages this type of flooring can offer.

1. Professional installation required

Karndean flooring is tedious to install, unlike regular tiles; it requires a licensed professional to install, and having another person do it for you may cause poor results such as poor finishing and inadequate use of adhesives (causing the planks to become loose; hence, leaving spaces between them that water can seep through causing them to harbor bacteria underneath).

Therefore, for a better flooring experience, insist on having a professional to help you in layering. You can also get assistance from Karndean flooring dealers near you.

2. Vacuuming

Cleaning Karndean flooring using ordinary vacuum cleaners is not recommended since the floor may be susceptible to sharp brush edges. Therefore, if you must use a vacuum cleaner on your floors, then ensure to use a cleaner with brush heads that are friendly to the Karndean.

Similarly, you may cause scratches on it when you use vacuum cleaners with very sharp edges. These scratches may be an added task to remove unless you use the recommended Karndean clean; failure to remove the scratches can make your floor look unattractive.

3. Fading

Karndean flooring that is exposed to regular sunlight may fade over time. However, the majority of vinyl flooring fade, but Karndean floors are quite resistant. This is because Karndean manufacturers use ultraviolet ray inhibitors to guard it against exposure to sun rays. Since the protection cannot last for many years exposed to the sun, you should use blinding curtains in areas with extreme sunlight.

4. Fire risk

As much as the floor has many incredible properties, it is still more vulnerable to fire than stone tiles. It is combustible and can damage areas that are lit, like the kitchen and grill areas. Thus, you need to be careful when installing them in areas with flames, even when lighting cigarettes; these can cause a fire if you leave the buds on the floor.

5. Maintenance

Lastly, the Karndean floor is quite complicated; therefore, when it comes to maintenance, it may be tricky to remove large sections of the entire floor and replace it. Doing smaller maintenance will be easier where removing a single plank or tile and replace it; otherwise, the pieces may not fit perfectly when large sections are repaired.

In Conclusion

The Karndean flooring material is a market leader when it comes to vinyl flooring. It has more advantages than disadvantages; however, you still need to handle them with care. If you maintain it well, it can serve you for a lifetime because it is hard to wear and will work at any high traffic place in your house. It also helps that it is versatile; hence, it will allow you to install it in any room in your house.

The Karndean is also easy to clean as it doesn’t attract dust and dirt like other vinyl floors, allowing you to let your children play freely. If you wish to install it in the kitchen or any room where you have appliances like the grill, you can find a non-combustible material and place it under the appliance as a precautionary measure.

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