Cheaper Karndean Alternatives (Best LVT Options)

Over the years, vinyl flooring has proven to be versatile, durable, and able to resemble other flooring options such as ceramic, wood, and stone. It is a top choice in comfort and luxury; however, the main concern among most homeowners is the price tag for a typical Karndean flooring system. So, can you find an exquisite flooring system at a lower price than the Karndean?

So, what is a cheaper alternative to Karndean? Other luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) alternatives like Lifestyle floors, Cavalio, Quick-Step Livyn, Bentley and Parador flooring can be cheaper alternatives to Karndean. They are just as durable and offer low maintenance with the same easy installation.

The top choices for alternative Karndean like flooring are:

  • Lifestyle floors
  • Cavalio floors
  • Quick Step Livyn
  • Bentley flooring
  • Parador

Pocket-wise, all these are great alternatives to Karndean; they are all luxury flooring systems that are also affordable.

When it comes to luxury and style, Karndean flooring is ahead of most vinyl flooring systems. It is also durable, soft, stain-resistant, and wear-proof, making it one of the best floor covers. As a vinyl floor, it is thicker and of high quality.

Notably, Karndean’s exquisite nature is why it is quite pricey; however, it remains a popular option among most buyers. However, other market brands are somewhat similar to it, which will be a great alternative if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option

We highlight the six best alternatives if you want a cheaper vinyl floor than the Karndean. We show you their advantages and disadvantages, and, hopefully, help you settle for the best choice. Read on as we explore the world of vinyl floors to find an alternative to the Karndean.

Lifestyle Floors

With lifestyle flooring, you get a wide range of options; here, there is something for any buyer and their preferences. Therefore, you are sure to find a suitable option for you, regardless of your setting. These floors are of high quality depending on any budget. With it, you get a range of designs and palettes that resemble stone and wood, like most vinyl systems.

This floor strikingly mimics stone and wood effects to give your space a stunning, natural look. They also serve you longer and can maintain a fine appearance for a long time. You can use them as flooring for almost any room in your house, especially the bathroom and the kitchen.

By choosing the lifestyle floor, you choose elegance, variety, and peace of mind. They are stylish, come in various colors, are easy to install, and you can install them in areas where wood may easily get damaged.

Cavalio Floors

If you are looking for an LVT option, we would gladly recommend the Cavalio brand. This flooring effortlessly spruces up your home, and you can install it in any room you wish. It is also a great option for commercial setups such as office spaces and industries.

Similarly, you get a durable option, with some types lasting up to a decade. Also, it is easy to install and fits perfectly for your interiors. This floor also comprises several vinyl layers to guarantee stability, performance, and durability.

It also greatly helps that the system comes in a fine layer to resemble a natural floor’s outlook. Moreover, the tough outer layer comes in handy to prevent wearing, given that it is a robust polyurethane layer.

With the Cavalio floor, you achieve a floor that is perfect for residential and commercial settings. Another advantage of this option is that it absorbs noise; therefore, it is perfect for the rooms where you require quiet.

Quick-Step Livyn

Quick-Step Livyn vinyl floor is a natural, warm flooring option that comes in various ranges to suit your needs. They all come with a top layer to ensure that your floor maintains its finesse for a long time.

Moreover, they are scratch, stain, and water-proof for enhanced appearance and durability, thanks to their latest technology. Thus, you can maintain their elegant look for many years, and just like their counterparts, these floors also have exquisite stone and wood-like effects.

When you walk on this floor, you get an amazing feeling of comfort and smoothness, and its impeccable design is only a bonus. Also, note that their noise-absorbing feature helps you avoid unnecessary underfoot screeching and clicking from both humans and pets.

You no longer have to cringe at the sound of heavy footsteps or furniture dragging. In case you want to renovate your floor, they are thin, cheaper, and quick to install, saving you time and money. Besides, with the easy-to-click planks, you won’t need adhesives to install your floors.

Bentley Flooring

If you are thinking style, luxury, and high performance, the Bentley flooring system is a perfect and cheaper alternative. There are so many colors and designs to select from, and they all have an elegant wood-like look to ensure that you get a great floor that is value for your money.

You will also appreciate their natural look, which promotes a more realistic appearance. They also consist of several vinyl layers for more durability and stability.

Besides, the outer layer works to prevent wearing; hence, you are sure to use it for years without replacing or repairing it. Like most vinyl floors, the Bentley is an amazing choice for your home and office, no matter which room you want it. It also helps that it is quick to install, given its interlocking system. They are also noise-absorbing, making them perfect if you want to reduce the noise emitted by other flooring systems.

Parador Floors

Parador floors are quality synthetic alternatives and are a great option if you value modern luxury flooring. They are high performance and come equipped with an advanced technology, especially the click-to-install system and swell-resistance.

This way, you can easily and quickly install them, and you need not worry that they will get distorted by swelling or dampening. Another incredible feature is that they allow under-floor heating and are suitable for use at home, office, or industry. Consider installing them in your bathroom or kitchen.

Moreover, the material is water-resistant, so you are sure to be safe from wetness or stickiness. Like other vinyl floors, the parador maintains its beauty and has a natural-like appearance, fit for modern setups. You also get a wide variety to choose from; all exquisite, durable, and low maintenance.

Is Polyflor as Good as Karndean?

Polyflor is another alternative to Karndean and polyflor offers similar levels of performance and durability as the Karndean. Most people would lean towards polyflor since it is a cheaper alternative than Karndean. The cheapest polyflor products are thinner than the cheapest Karndean range therefore susceptible to more scratching and wear.

Significantly, both flooring systems are quite similar in matters of quality, but polyflor is cheaper than Karndean. It is highly advisable to order two samples to judge whether polyflor is just as good as the Karndean, with special attention paid to the thickness of each product. As the price range many are not so wide since a flooring system’s quality heavily depends on the layers thickness.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative To Karndean?

There are many cheaper alternatives to Karndean, including Polyflor, Lifestyle floors, Cavalio floors, Quick Step Livyn, Bentley flooring and Parador. Bentley flooring offers a low cost alternative that is as durable as Karndean. The other flooring systems also offer low cost flooring, but they may not be as durable as Karndean, due to not having the same thickness as Karndean.

All the Karndean alternative flooring is elegant in their unique way and guarantee value for money. However, we highly recommend the Bentley floor as the best alternative among our selection. It is cheaper, and its performance is just as good as the Karndean. By selecting this flooring system, you get the exquisite natural look offered by vinyl floors, and you get to save more money.

Final Verdict

There’s no debate about the quality, durability, and wear-resistant nature of vinyl floors, especially the Karndean. High-quality alternatives do exist, and these are easier on your budget but will still serve you the same way.

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